Charisma isn't something you're born with, you can learn it and control it!
Build up your self confidence. Create self awareness. Become motivational. Be inspirational. Learn how to take control over your less conscious self. Learn how to use power words.
Learn how to take control over your subconscious.
Learn how to use powerful words.


Did you (or your team) ever experienced the feeling of getting stuck? Are you in need stepping out of your rusted mindset? Tom is Belgian's absolute best in helping you break through the creative blocks and opening your mindset!
Here are some of of the techniques Tom uses to think innovatively without restriction and… get the creative juices flowing: Improvisation, Draw caricatures, Humour, Write stand-up comedy, Awaken your inner clown. Let’s play! Let’s co-design



Did you know that number one fear worldwide public speaking is?
Learn how to take the stage, gain control over your audience and radiate self confidence.
With more than 25 years on stage, speaking to various audiences all around the world, Tom is thereference on public speaking!  Let him give you an insight in the do's and don't'. Let him guide you through possible pitfalls. Let him boost your confidence. It's all about technique. Everyone can do this